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£15.00 / week

Join the Ultimate Flower Club today with a Half Bloom bundle membership, delivered straight to your door weekly.

You’ll receive plenty of flowers with a Half Bloom Bundle- enough to create one, sometimes two, or more arrangements around your home or workspace.

As with all of our memberships, you can pause, gift, or cancel at any time* Simply drop us an email and we can arrange this for you.

*We kindly request that any amendments be given to us by 12 pm Friday before your next delivery is due.


The Half Bloom Weekly Bundle is also available in a Fortnightly Membership.


Our blooms are chosen on a weekly basis by The Flower Blooms Team. This ensures that our customers receive a beautiful variety of bulk seasonal blooms- giving you more blooms for your money. You’ll receive enough blooms to arrange one large bouquet or multiple arrangements around your home or workspace.

We are unable at this stage to offer a preview of the bundles that you will receive. Our Flower Club is like a flower lucky dip and we just know you will love the element of surprise.

The Half Bloom Weekly Bundle is also available as a Lily-Free option too. Simply choose this option when you sign up.

Here at The Flower Blooms, we are passionate about looking after our environment. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of the packagings we use is made from recyclable materials or is re-usable. To keep our emissions down to a minimum by specifically grouping our delivery areas. We are also really proud to contribute to the regular planting of trees via Ecologi.

For ideas, tips and inspiration on how to arrange your bundle, follow us over on Instagram @the_flowerblooms





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