Ever wondered why perhaps your flowers aren’t lasting as long as you’d like? Then check out our round-up of common mistakes people make with cut flowers…

5 Mistakes People Make With Flowers


  1. Don’t Plonk & Leave

    We have a ‘don’t plonk and leave policy‘ here at The Flower Blooms HQ. Flowers need a lot of TLC, which means cutting them down and changing their water and vase if needed every 2-3 days. If they aren’t cut, their stems close up, preventing water from traveling up the stem and keeping them alive. If the water isn’t changed bacteria from the flowers will form causing the water to become murkier and then infecting the flowers, again shortening their life span. Set a reminder to give your blooms a good refresh every 2-3 days to really get the most from them.

  2.  Avoid Any Heat 

    Check that your flowers aren’t positioned near or above any radiators. Heat causes irreversible damage to flowers- noticeable by them wilting, so always avoid placing them near any heat source.

  3.  Direct Sunlight 

    Although some flowers enjoy being periods of sunlight- such as Tulips which grow and move towards the sunshine- prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause your flowers to dry out quickly. Plus the heat from the sunlight can lead to wilting, shrivelling, or dropping flower heads.

  4.  Flowers Don’t Like Fruit

    Did you know that flowers aren’t happy being near any fruit? Fruit, such as bananas and apples produce high levels of ethylene. This type of gas causes rapid aging of flowers and leaves, or in some cases will prevent flowers from opening or blooming. So keep them as far apart as possible in your home.

  5.  Never Mix Old With New 

    Every flower has a different shelf life which varies from a short to long life. Whilst it’s great when some flowers are going strong from one week to the next- never mix old flowers with newer stems. The older stems will produce bacteria which will cause the newer flowers to age more quickly, moving them on to flower heaven quicker than expected.
    So keep always keep your older flowers in a separate vase to the fresher stems.
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