From our quality blooms, to the quantity you’ll receive, not forgetting our member perks. There are many reasons as to why we are the ultimate flower membership club.


In order to give our members more for their money we don’t pre-order our flowers a year in advance as our competitors do, we place our order a few days in advance. The plus side of this means that some weeks you’ll receive a really good amount of flowers.

Then some week’s it will be slightly less due to the cost of the flower- but you will always receive an abundance of blooms- more than any other flower subscription service on the market.

There will be various points throughout the year where flowers are much more expensive than other weeks- which significantly affects our buying power. Particularly around Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, Christmas and even the start of the new school year- flowers will be more expensive. But we always try our best to give our customers a range of flowers with every delivery.

Another huge benefit to our members is that as a Flower Club, we aim to introduce you to a whole range of flowers.

Not just your standard long-life flowers- like Lillie and Blooms-  but delicate, unique and seasonal flowers that you perhaps haven’t had before.

This is the beauty of being a part of our Flower Club

We pride ourselves on creating a club that our members love being a part of which is why we offer a range of fabulous member perks.

Members regularly receive Bonus Blooms with their bundle, giving them extra flowers to keep or gift to friends and family.

Our members also can gift up to five bundles a year for just £20.00 (RRP £26.50) to friends and family.

As our business grows- so will our perks for our members. 

Some weeks you might pick up your bundle and feel that it isn’t as heavy as previous.

This is down to the different types of flowers we are using. For example, Gladioli is a very large and heavy bloom compared to more delicate flowers like Freesias or Veronica- which are extremely light- giving the illusion that your bundle isn’t as large compared to other weeks.

However, you’ll always receive a fabulous amount of stems- it’s just that each type of flower looks, feels and weighs differently each week. 

We give our members a really fabulous amount of blooms, which means that you’ll always be able to create at least two arrangements around your home or workspace. Sometimes more.

We’ll always guide you on how to arrange your bundle, but ultimately, you have the freedom to immerse yourself in the floristry experience. 

We offer complimentary hand-delivery with our bundles.

Your flowers will always arrive with care and be delivered to a safe place, or in a bucket of water which we encourage you to leave out if you’re not home by one of The Flower Blooms team.

You’ll always see a friendly face and rest assured knowing that our bundles won’t be launched across your driveway by a courier company! Meet the team here.