Not only do our members receive more blooms for their money than any other flower subscription company, but we also offer a range of additional fabulous Member Perks for being a part of the ultimate flower club. 


There's more to us than just a flower subscription service...

As a zero waste company- whenever we have left over blooms, we add these to our members bundles as Bonus Blooms.  So you’ll sometimes receive even more stems for your money which you can arrange around your home or workspace- or even gift to family or friends. 

Our members can order 5 additional bundles per year at a discounted rate of £20.00 to gift to friends or family, or they can be ordered  as an additional bundle in between your usual deliveries. 

If you refer a friend to join our flower club, we’ll treat you to a Half Bloom Bundle in addition to your next delivery as a little thank you for sharing the love.  Don’t forget to give them BLOOM10 to use when they sign up for £10.00 off their first bundle and a reminder to pop your name in the comment box as a referral. 

Our members receive discounts on various products that we offer throughout the year- from additional bundles, plants and festive treats.