With every bundle, you’ll receive a good variety of long and short life flowers.

Some you will be familiar with and others you might not be and we like to call these our Spotlight Blooms

Last week our members received Hyacinths as part of their bundle. These beautiful blooms not only look amazing, but they smell it too.

Here are 5 Things you might not know about Hyacinths-

Hyacinth overlay


  1. Hyacinths grow in a variety of colours and each colour has its own amazing fragrance– which is why Hyacinths are a popular flower used for making perfumes.
  2. Hyacinths are a member of the asparagus family– but we wouldn’t recommend eating your Hyacinth stems!
  3. They symbolise peace, commitment, and beauty which dates all the way back to Greek Mythology when Hyacinth was killed during a fight between Apollo and Zephyrus. It’s said that Hyacinth flowers sprung up from his spilled blood.
  4. Hyacinths are a contrasting beauty– with their delicate bell-shaped florets compared to their stocky, dense, and thick stems
  5. We recommend washing Hyacinth stems every other day and arranging them in a shorter vase that supports their stems.