Never underestimate the importance of the vase when it comes to flower arranging. 

Choosing the right vase for your bundle, ensuring that you cater to different lengths, weight and style of each bloom really is the key to creating beautiful arrangements in your home and will also keep your bundle looking fresher and happier for longer. 

We’ve seen an array of squished blooms over the years. From gravy jugs, pint glasses and tiny watering cans and even a paw patrol bowl with a huge hydrangea head plonked in!

So we’ve put together a handy vase guide with the most affordable and stylish vases- all from one place- IKEA

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collection of vases on worktop with one stem of rose in each


We rotate the vase collections below every week, depending on the bulk of the bundle. However our most used set is the BEGARLIG range. With its sturdy and spacious rim, this vase provides the best support for all types of blooms. 

It’s so important that your flowers have enough space to breathe and bloom in their vase, as well as being supported at the stem to prevent unnecessary breakages or bending which will cut off the water supply to the head. 

When you first receive your bundle, it’s always good to have a large vase to accommodate all of the blooms. Then you can always use a Bud Vase to compliment any clippings your might have left over from your bundle or use it when you refresh and cut-down your bundle after 2-3 days. 

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