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Anemone title page

With every bundle, you’ll receive a good variety of long and short life flowers.

Some you will be familiar with and others you might not be and we like to call thee our Spotlight Blooms. Flowers that you just won’t receive with any other flower subscription company- or aren’t available in supermarkets.

This is just one of the reasons why we are The Ultimate Flower Club.

This week our members received these beautiful Anemones– which happen to be one of Claire’s favourite blooms.

Here is a round-up of some fun things you might not know about Anemones… 

The word ‘Anemone’ comes from the Greek word “Aenmos” meaning wind, hence why it is given the alternative name of “windflower” because they dance even in the slightest of breezes.

Its petals can close up at night to protect themselves from the cold and then reopen in the morning- which is why Anemones often represent relaxation.

Folklore tales believe that Fairies sleep inside the closed petals at night, which is why in images of fairies, they will often be alongside Anemones.

If you love flowers, why not join The Ulitmate Flower Club? 

All our memberships can be paused, cancelled or gifted at any time and all of our bundles are hand-delivered with care throughout Surrey, South West London & Twickenham.