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collection of vases on worktop with one stem of rose in each


Never underestimate the importance of the vase when it comes to flower arranging. 

Choosing the right vase for your bundle, ensuring that you cater to different lengths, weight and style of each bloom really is the key to creating beautiful arrangements in your home and will also keep your bundle looking fresher and happier for longer. 

We’ve seen an array of squished blooms over the years. From gravy jugs, pint glasses and tiny watering cans and even a paw patrol bowl with a huge hydrangea head plonked in!

So we’ve put together a handy vase guide with the most affordable and stylish vases- all from one place- IKEA

If you’re not yet a member- why ever not! 
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collection of vases on worktop with one stem of rose in each


We rotate the vase collections below every week, depending on the bulk of the bundle. However our most used set is the BEGARLIG range. With its sturdy and spacious rim, this vase provides the best support for all types of blooms. 

It’s so important that your flowers have enough space to breathe and bloom in their vase, as well as being supported at the stem to prevent unnecessary breakages or bending which will cut off the water supply to the head. 

When you first receive your bundle, it’s always good to have a large vase to accommodate all of the blooms. Then you can always use a Bud Vase to compliment any clippings your might have left over from your bundle or use it when you refresh and cut-down your bundle after 2-3 days. 

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram page to see which vases we’re using and how we use them every time we arrange or freshen up our bundle. 


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Hyacinth overlay


With every bundle, you’ll receive a good variety of long and short life flowers.

Some you will be familiar with and others you might not be and we like to call these our Spotlight Blooms

Last week our members received Hyacinths as part of their bundle. These beautiful blooms not only look amazing, but they smell it too.

Here are 5 Things you might not know about Hyacinths-

Hyacinth overlay


  1. Hyacinths grow in a variety of colours and each colour has its own amazing fragrance– which is why Hyacinths are a popular flower used for making perfumes.
  2. Hyacinths are a member of the asparagus family– but we wouldn’t recommend eating your Hyacinth stems!
  3. They symbolise peace, commitment, and beauty which dates all the way back to Greek Mythology when Hyacinth was killed during a fight between Apollo and Zephyrus. It’s said that Hyacinth flowers sprung up from his spilled blood.
  4. Hyacinths are a contrasting beauty– with their delicate bell-shaped florets compared to their stocky, dense, and thick stems
  5. We recommend washing Hyacinth stems every other day and arranging them in a shorter vase that supports their stems.
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5 Mistakes People Make With Flowers


Ever wondered why perhaps your flowers aren’t lasting as long as you’d like? Then check out our round-up of common mistakes people make with cut flowers…

5 Mistakes People Make With Flowers


  1. Don’t Plonk & Leave

    We have a ‘don’t plonk and leave policy‘ here at The Flower Blooms HQ. Flowers need a lot of TLC, which means cutting them down and changing their water and vase if needed every 2-3 days. If they aren’t cut, their stems close up, preventing water from traveling up the stem and keeping them alive. If the water isn’t changed bacteria from the flowers will form causing the water to become murkier and then infecting the flowers, again shortening their life span. Set a reminder to give your blooms a good refresh every 2-3 days to really get the most from them.

  2.  Avoid Any Heat 

    Check that your flowers aren’t positioned near or above any radiators. Heat causes irreversible damage to flowers- noticeable by them wilting, so always avoid placing them near any heat source.

  3.  Direct Sunlight 

    Although some flowers enjoy being periods of sunlight- such as Tulips which grow and move towards the sunshine- prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause your flowers to dry out quickly. Plus the heat from the sunlight can lead to wilting, shrivelling, or dropping flower heads.

  4.  Flowers Don’t Like Fruit

    Did you know that flowers aren’t happy being near any fruit? Fruit, such as bananas and apples produce high levels of ethylene. This type of gas causes rapid aging of flowers and leaves, or in some cases will prevent flowers from opening or blooming. So keep them as far apart as possible in your home.

  5.  Never Mix Old With New 

    Every flower has a different shelf life which varies from a short to long life. Whilst it’s great when some flowers are going strong from one week to the next- never mix old flowers with newer stems. The older stems will produce bacteria which will cause the newer flowers to age more quickly, moving them on to flower heaven quicker than expected.
    So keep always keep your older flowers in a separate vase to the fresher stems.
We want our members to enjoy every bundle of blooms and really love being a part of our Flower Club, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you ever need any advice or feedback regarding your flowers.
If you’re not a member of our ultimate flower club yet, then did you know that you can sign up weekly, fortnightly or monthly for just £26.50 and you can pause, cancel or gift your membership at any time.
Simply pop over to our Memberships page to sign up today!
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Here are just a few of the benefits of being a member of The Flower Blooms…



Flexible Memberships

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you decide which membership works for you.
You can increase or decrease your membership and you can pause, cancel or gift your bundle at any time*

Different Types of Flower

With The Flower Blooms, you’ll receive a varied selection of flowers throughout the year- blooms that you just won’t find in the supermarket or would be really expensive direct from a florist.

Abundance of Blooms

We work slightly different from other flower subscription companies- we aim to give you an abundance of blooms so that you can create multiple arrangements around your home or workspace.

Bonus Blooms

As we are a zero-waste business- we never let any blooms go to waste, so if we have extra flowers- we give them to our members as bonus blooms.

Gift Your Bundle

Our gift bundles are an exclusive offer to our members. So you can share the Flower Blooms love and send your friends or family an abundance of beautiful blooms- or you can choose to gift your bundle if you are going to be away (3 days notice required).

Bloom With Us

As our business grows, so will the benefits for our members.
We aim to gain access to bigger suppliers, meaning that you’ll receive an even wider variety of flowers, and larger quantities as and when our business blooms.*As a small business, we kindly request that any changes to your membership are emailed to us the Friday before your delivery is due-
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Why We Aren’t Using Flower Food Anymore

why we aren't using flower food anymore image

Here at The Flower Blooms, we’ve always been on the fence as to whether or not flower food actually does any good for cut flowers.

Having been in the floristry industry for over twenty-five years, Claire has never seen the benefit of using flower food. So since starting The Flower Blooms in 2020, we’ve been conducting our own experiments and doing our own research into the use of flower food, to decide as to whether or not it helps to prolong the life of cut flowers.

The jury is finally in and the result is negative. Flower food does not help your flowers last longer. In fact, in some cases, it can shorten their life span, and so here’s why we aren’t using flower food anymore.

[mkdf_section_title position=”center” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” title=”WHY WE AREN’T USING FLOWER FOOD ANYMORE”]

Flower food is made up of two components- a cleaning agent and a food source.

The cleaning agent will contain a bleach-based chemical that aims to help keep the water clean.

The food source is a sugary-based substance to help the flowers bloom to their fullest potential- but here lies the problem.

Of course, we want our flowers to bloom to their fullest potential, but what you’ll find, and what we’ve come to realise, is that the food component aspect essentially accelerates the flower to bloom too quickly. Thus shortening its life span.

Think of the food component as a sugary snack- the flowers drink up this source super quickly because it’s very yummy, which in turn causes it’s to fully open quicker than if it were left to bloom naturally.

This type of acceleration to bloom works well for weddings and events, when open flowers in full bloom are required for typically one day of appreciation, but not when you want to enjoy your cut flowers in your home or workspace for a much longer period.

A good example of this is the Lily- which is a long-life flower. You should receive Lillies closed and in bud. If they are left to open at their own pace, you can expect Lilies to last at least two weeks. However, if you use flower food, you will accelerate their opening which could mean they would only last up to a week.

As for the cleaning agent chemical- we encourage all of our members to cut and refresh their bundle into a clean vase every 2-3 days, which is a much better and more effective way to help prolong the life of your flowers.


So please don’t be alarmed if your bundle is missing a sachet of flower food from now on. We firmly believe that your flowers will be happier and healthier without it, but should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of the team will be on hand to help,


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Anemone title page

With every bundle, you’ll receive a good variety of long and short life flowers.

Some you will be familiar with and others you might not be and we like to call thee our Spotlight Blooms. Flowers that you just won’t receive with any other flower subscription company- or aren’t available in supermarkets.

This is just one of the reasons why we are The Ultimate Flower Club.

This week our members received these beautiful Anemones– which happen to be one of Claire’s favourite blooms.

Here is a round-up of some fun things you might not know about Anemones… 

The word ‘Anemone’ comes from the Greek word “Aenmos” meaning wind, hence why it is given the alternative name of “windflower” because they dance even in the slightest of breezes.

Its petals can close up at night to protect themselves from the cold and then reopen in the morning- which is why Anemones often represent relaxation.

Folklore tales believe that Fairies sleep inside the closed petals at night, which is why in images of fairies, they will often be alongside Anemones.

If you love flowers, why not join The Ulitmate Flower Club? 

All our memberships can be paused, cancelled or gifted at any time and all of our bundles are hand-delivered with care throughout Surrey, South West London & Twickenham. 

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flowers make us happy wording over background flowers

Here’s a round-up of the fabulous benefits of regularly having fresh flowers in your home..

Flowers Improve Your Mood

It’s been proven that flowers cultivate certain moods.
Having fresh flowers in your home improves your well-being and give you a positive outlook on life- something that everyone can benefit from…especially in January.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Being surrounded by nature wherever possible has endless benefits.
When life is fast-paced and technology-focused- having fresh flowers in your home projects an element of calm and relaxation.

They Add a Finishing Touch

Having fresh flowers in your home adds the perfect finishing touch to every room. They also add a pop of colour to more neutral spaces or brightness to darker interiors.

Become Your Own Florist

There is so much satisfaction that comes from arranging and taking care of cut flowers.
Flowers need TLC and there is something very calming and rewarding from spending time arranging flowers around your home or workspace.
Sign up to the Ultimate Flower Membership Club today!

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Why We Are Eco-Conscious

eco-conscious business logo

As a zero-waste business, being eco-conscious has always been at the forefront of The Flower Blooms, and here’s why…

1. We regularly plant trees with Ecologi to offset any emissions we use to run our business

We are proud to be a part of the amazing work that Ecologi does to fund impactful climate solutions.
To date, we have planted almost 200 trees and have offset 10.14 tonnes of CO2e. As our business blooms, we’ll ensure that our contribution towards helping the future of our planet does too.

2. All of our packaging is recyclable or reusable 

Our brown paper and tape are made from recycled materials and can either be re-used or recycled at home.

3. Our Flower Care products are compostable

Our flower food sachets are fully compostable. Happy flowers, happy environment.

4. We are a Zero Waste, Eco-conscious business 

We are fully committed to being an eco-conscious small business with a zero-waste policy. We only order what we need- no flowers ever go to waste. Should we ever have leftovers- we include these in our members’ bundles as bonus blooms!

5. Minimal Fanfare

We keep printing materials to a minimum- not only to keep costs as low as possible to be able to spend more on flowers per person- but to reduce unnecessary wastage. All the information you’ll need to arrange your bundles can be found online via your emails, Instagram, or on our website.

6. We buy local wherever possible

We buy our flowers from a mixture of both Dutch and homegrown suppliers. This changes from season to season, availability and accessibility- depending on the minimum spend required. As our business grows we will have access to more local suppliers, increasing the sustainability of The Flower Blooms.

Discover more about why we are The Ulitmate FLower Club here. Or if you are short on time, check out 5 Things About The Flower Blooms here.

All of our memberships can be paused, cancelled, or gifted at any time.

We really do hope to deliver a bundle of beautiful blooms to you soon!

Best wishes,

Claire & Katie

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The UK’s First Flower Club

the uk's first flower club

As the UK’s first Flower Membership Club, here are 5 things you might not know about The Flower Blooms.

1. You’ll receive more blooms for your money than any other flower subscription on the market in the UK 

We don’t pre-order our flowers a year in advance as our competitors do, we place our order a few days in advance. The plus side of this means that some weeks you’ll receive a really good amount of flowers.

Some week’s it will be slightly less due to the cost of the flower- but you will always receive an abundance of blooms- enough to fill at least two vases– more than any other flower subscription service on the market.

2. We use fully compostable or recyclable materials and packaging 

We keep our packaging to a minimum and everything we use is either recyclable, reusable or compostable.

3. You’ll receive different types of flowers

We want our members to fully immerse themselves with the ultimate floristry experience at home by introducing them to a range of flowers that you just won’t find in the supermarket or are super expensive in a florist shop.

4. We are a Zero Waste, Eco-conscious business 

We are fully committed to being an eco-conscious small business with our zero-waste policy, recyclable or compostable packaging and we regularly plant tres via Ecologi to offset our delivery emissions.

5. Hand-Delivered Service

Rest assured that your bundle will arrive in tack with our hand-delivery service- exclusively to Surrey, South West London & Twickenham.

Discover more about why we are the Ultimate Flower Club here.

All of our memberships can be paused, cancelled or gifted at any time.
We really hope to deliver your first bundle of beautiful blooms soon!

Katie & Claire

The Flower Blooms Team x

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One good thing to come out of 2020 is most definitely our newfound respect and appreciation for our NHS.

Whilst most of us were complaining about toilet rolls- or the lack of– and the trials and stresses of homeschooling, the NHS powered through fighting COVID-19. Collectively working consistently and tirelessly throughout this crazy frightening time. 

So having started our new business, The Flower Blooms at the start of a global pandemic, who better to surprise with our first batch of blooms, than our local NHS Heroes, as a huge thank you for their dedication and hard work.