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Why We Are Eco-Conscious

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As a zero-waste business, being eco-conscious has always been at the forefront of The Flower Blooms, and here’s why…

1. We regularly plant trees with Ecologi to offset any emissions we use to run our business

We are proud to be a part of the amazing work that Ecologi does to fund impactful climate solutions.
To date, we have planted almost 200 trees and have offset 10.14 tonnes of CO2e. As our business blooms, we’ll ensure that our contribution towards helping the future of our planet does too.

2. All of our packaging is recyclable or reusable 

Our brown paper and tape are made from recycled materials and can either be re-used or recycled at home.

3. Our Flower Care products are compostable

Our flower food sachets are fully compostable. Happy flowers, happy environment.

4. We are a Zero Waste, Eco-conscious business 

We are fully committed to being an eco-conscious small business with a zero-waste policy. We only order what we need- no flowers ever go to waste. Should we ever have leftovers- we include these in our members’ bundles as bonus blooms!

5. Minimal Fanfare

We keep printing materials to a minimum- not only to keep costs as low as possible to be able to spend more on flowers per person- but to reduce unnecessary wastage. All the information you’ll need to arrange your bundles can be found online via your emails, Instagram, or on our website.

6. We buy local wherever possible

We buy our flowers from a mixture of both Dutch and homegrown suppliers. This changes from season to season, availability and accessibility- depending on the minimum spend required. As our business grows we will have access to more local suppliers, increasing the sustainability of The Flower Blooms.

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All of our memberships can be paused, cancelled, or gifted at any time.

We really do hope to deliver a bundle of beautiful blooms to you soon!

Best wishes,

Claire & Katie